Rules and Policies - All Instruments

NDavisMusic Lessons
(for all instruments)
Tuition is based on a Semester schedule of 13 weekly 30 minute lessons scheduled.  Both 1/2 semester installments and Full Semester payment plans are available.

         -Full Semester payments are due Fall 9/1, Winter 12/1, and Spring 3/15.  This payment option is $495 per student (a savings of $35) per student.

         -Half Semester payment installments are available at $265 per student.  Half Semester payments are due the beginning and mode-point of every semester. Fall - 9/1 & 10/15, Winter - 12/1 & 2/1, Spring 3/15 & 5/1.
For each installment, at the each billing due date, a $10 late fee will be assessed if payment has not been received within a 7 day grace period of each billing due date.
After the 15 days overdue, an additional $20 collection fee will be charged to unpaid accounts.
Returned checks will be charged a fee of $20.
Each student is responsible for attending each lesson of every month as scheduled.  
Two weeks notice must be given before the new semester in order to stop lessons without being charged for the coming Semester.  This allows for time to fill your spot with another student.  Without notice you will be responsible for the Semester in tuition.  There are no refunds even if needing to stop lessons mid Semester.
Each student is expected to arrive on time, fully prepared, and with all necessary equipment needed in proper working order. 
Students should arrive with all assignments completed.
Each student is expected to maintain a minimum of a “C” average in school and should always be striving to achieve honor role/principal’s list grades.
Each student is required to practice a minimum of 20-30 minutes on his/her instrument daily.
A humble, pleasant and cooperative attitude in and outside of lessons is mandatory.
Behavioral and/or attitudinal problems/issues will not be tolerated in or outside of lessons.
Parents of students are expected to help the students at home to effectively prepare for lessons and to see that the rules and regulations are being upheld.
2015-16 Studio Closures:
Labor Day weekend -           Tues 9/8
Thanksgiving -           Wed 11/25 and Thurs 11/26
Christmas Break -           Tues 12/22 thru Thurs 12/31
          (12/22, 12/23, 12/24, 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31)
New Years 2015 -           Fri 1/1/16 
Spring Break -           Tues 3/22 thru Thurs 3/24
          (3/22, 3/23, & 3/24)
The studio is open on other holidays and lessons are as scheduled.
2015 Classroom Style Jam Session Lesson Dates:
For these below dates, the regular private lessons will be converted to classroom/jam style sessions where students will have an opportunity to play together in an ensemble setting.  Specific schedules of times will be made available closer to the actual dates.
Summer Kick-off Jam Session:
The first week after Loudoun county public schools end, the week of 6/21-6/23.  Lessons will be moved to group ensemble sessions to be held on Tuesday, 6/22.  Specific times will be announced as the date approaches.
Holiday/Christmas Jam Session:
For the final week of 2015 lessons, the group ensemble sessions to be held on Tuesday, 12/22.  In these group sessions students can perform together and work on the holiday and Christmas material worked on throughout the season.  Specific times will be announced as the date approaches.
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